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EDUC 305 Educational Research Tutorial

Access the Educational Research Tutorial here:  

If you are off campus, you will be prompted to enter your campus network login and password.

How do I...

Find books and articles?

  • Search using the Library home page
    • Use the search box to search for books and journal articles.  This includes our large collections of Springer e-Books,  Books are a great source of general information. 
  • Search directly any or all databases with information on the topic of Education
    • ERIC - journal articles and education related documents such as conference papers and reports.
    • JSTOR - full text of journal articles in education, history, and other related disciplines.
    • PsycINFO - citations and full text of journal articles and books in psychology and educational psychology.
  • Use Google or Google Scholar.  Evaluate your sources carefully to ensure the sources are scholarly.

Find education resources on the Internet?

Doing a Google search is one way to find information especially when you are looking for publicly available government information.    There are also websites that have been created that index some resources.

  • Add "" or "" to limit to government or educational domains.  You can also use the Google advanced search.
  • Use the search "tools" found at the top of a Google results page.  You can limit to a specific date range.
  • Other Tips for better Searching

Some specialized websites:

Get a journal article that I cannot access through Buswell?

Articles can be requested through ILLiad. 

  • Use the "Find it @ Wheaton" button found in most databases.  If Buswell Library does not have access to full text, you can place an ILLiad request. 
    • You will be prompted to set up an ILLiad account the first time you make a request. 
  • Articles are delivered electronically, you will get an email when an article you requested is available.

Find the full text of an article if I have a reference/citation

Use the Citation Search. (Also accessed from the "Articles" tab on the Library home page.)

  • If we do not have access to the full text you will be given the option to place an ILLiad request.

Find out if the library has access to a journal?

Search using Journal Finder. (Also accessed from the "Journals" tab on the Library home page.)

Get a book that is not owned by Buswell?

You can request a book through i-Share or ILLiad.  Both options are available from the detail results screen when you search from the library home page. 

  • i-Share requests can be made for books.  Requests go to consortia member libraries in Illinois.  This is typically faster than an ILLiad request. 
  • ILLiad is traditional interlibrary loan for both books and articles
    • You will be prompted to set up an ILLiad account the first time you make a request. 
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Organize your research and more...

IRB information

Contact Brian Hunt if you have any questions about the IRB process.

Research is like Cooking

See how the principles of good cooking can be applied to writing a good research paper.
From Stanford University