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How do I...

How do I find books and articles?

What is the difference between PubMed and MEDLINE?

MEDLINE is a subset of the records found in PubMed.  However, using MEDLINE as part of the Web of Science gives you tools for advanced and citation searching.

How do I find the full text of an article if I have a reference/citation?

      Use the Citation Search. (Link found on the "Articles" tab on the Library home page.)

  • If we do not have access to the full text you will be given the opportunity to place an ILLiad request.

How do I find out if the library has access to a journal?

      Search using Journal Finder. (Link found on the "Journals" tab on the Library home page.)

How do I get a book that is not owned by Buswell?

      You can request a book through i-Share or ILLiad from the detail results screen when you search from the library home page

  • i-Share requests are for books only.  Requests go directly to consortia member libraries.  This is typically faster than an ILLiad request. 
    • You will need to have an i-Share account. You will be prompted to create one the first time you make a request if you don't have one.  (Create an i-Share account now.)  This is DIFFERENT from your campus computer network account.
  • ILLiad is the name for Buswell's interlibrary loan.  You can request books and articles. 
    • You will be prompted to enter some information (e.g. CPO address) the first time you make a request. 
    • Use your campus computer network account and password (the same as you use to log in to MyWheaton.)

How do I get a journal article that I cannot access through Buswell?

      Articles can be requested through ILLiad. 

  • Use the "Find it @ Wheaton" button found in most databases.  If Buswell Library does not have access to full text, you have the option to place and ILLiad request.
    • You will be prompted to set up an account the first time you make a request. 
    • Articles are delivered electronically, you will get an email when a request is available.

Other software tools

Reference Management Software

Statistical Analysis Software

IRB information

Contact Brian Hunt if you have any questions about the IRB process.

Research Help

Terry Huttenlock
Office: Buswell, 152